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Remarkable Womxn Artists who Made Modern Art History – But Do You Know Them?

Image illustrating how womxn artists have had and still have trouble being taken seriously. There is no doubt that Frida Kahlo is nowadays more famous than her husband at the time, Diego Rivera. Can’t name many womxn artists? You’re not alone. One of the reasons is that female artists have failed to be recognised by […]

Remarkable Femxle Street Artists You Need to Know

Image/ painting by Reinilde Jonkhout How many femxle street artists can you name? After reading this article, maybe a few more. The massive MaestraPeace Mural on the Women’s Building in San Francisco was a collaborative 1994 work between the Bay Area muralists Juana Alicia, Miranda Bergman, Edythe Boone, Susan Kelk Cervantes, Meera Desai, Yvonne Littleton […]

Loud and Proud: Remarkable Womxn Comedians

Image by 272447 from Pixabay featuring comedienne, singer, theatre and film actress Fanny Brice Comedians of the world, which came on Netflix early 2019, featured many many femxle comedians. Who were your favorites? And who else is out there? Being funny in front of an audience is a craft that seems to often be underestimated. […]

Remarkable: Goddesses from Mythology that Inspired Midwinter Deity Cindy Claus

My film The Coming of Cindy Claus introduces a new mid-winter tradition, with honouring the new mid winter Goddess Cindy Claus at its center. Who helped inspire her? First, a little history about Santa Claus, aka Saint Nicholas. Saint Nicholas was the saint of sea-farers. The men of the sea were surrounded by sex-workers when […]

Remarkable: Instagram Accounts that Make Fun of Instagram

Instagram is a landmark in today’s pop-culture landscape and like anything popular it too has been satirised. And now that Instagram is getting notorious for helping to turn taste and style into the same boring, uniform thing, some users go about it totally differently. From AirSpace to Instagram Face Has everything and everyone started looking […]

Remarkable TV: Womxn in Comedy and Comedy-Drama Series

It is my belief that pop culture matters, reality follows fiction. Sometimes it can take a little digging to find TV shows that tell interesting womxn’s stories. But look no further and check out these great comedy and comedy-drama shows. TV shows from even the not all that distant 90s and early 2000s can feel […]

Remarkable Womxn: 21st century Artists

Image by David Mark from Pixabay Can we, in the 21st century, let go of the idea that art that is colourful can’t be serious art? And can we introduce the idea that emotions don’t live only outside of art? With the recent challenge of #5womenartists can we take it a step further and name […]

Orchestras of Angels: Remarkable Womxn Musicians of Today

The first time Björk came to my attention was as a teenager in 2001 when she was famously scolded by the fashion police for wearing her swan dress at the Oscars. Little did I know or remember that she was nominated for best original song for Lars von Trier’s Dancer in the Dark film and […]

Do You Know these Remarkable Podcasts by Womxn?

With no traditional gatekeepers, the podcast medium has opened up many opportunities for womxn. What are some fun podcasts? And how to avoid dropping your phone into the toilet when listening? Are you on the Podcast bandwagon yet? Once you’re on, you won’t even understand the person your used to be. Listen to podcasts either […]

Remarkable: Alternatieve Nederlandstalige muziekacts die je moet kennen

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay De Nederlandse taal is voor veel alternatieve muzikanten niet heel populair geweest. Is dat nu weer aan het veranderen? Hier een aantal muzikanten die de Nederlandse taal inzetten op een originele of artistiek authentieke wijze. Artiest Fulco Aan muziek in de Nederlandse taal kleeft vaak het risico erg zwaarmoedig te […]


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