Painting with Truffles Creative Journey Report

In December 2020 I organised a first creative journey, painting with truffles, for friends who feel limited in their creative expression or who feel like whatever they paint is ugly. How did it go?

There is a certain age, maybe around 9 years old, when people start being aware of their ego and overthink like crazy during a creative process. When you look at drawings from young children, you can tell they are not yet self-inhibited in their creative freedom. They don’t worry about their drawing being ugly. Most people then, when passing a certain age, give up on creative expression and lose the joy in creating, and put a tremendous amount of pressure on themselves when it comes to the result. 

So sad they miss out on the joys of creativity and self-expression!

A low dose of truffles can loosen up the ego into a place where participants end up being proud of what they lovingly put their love and careful attention into. It allows for getting slightly lost into our creations, as well as a sense of connection and occasional hilarity. The emphasis was on finding the joy in creation, and participants ended up with a sense of pride in their results.

What Was The Set-up of The Afternoon?

The ideal time for my painting with truffles creative journey is during the day, with an amount of daylight and nighttime coming as a natural ending to the whole process. So my un-creative friends who were the trial participants, gathered at my apartment around 1pm and my roommate, who is a photographer joined our bunch as well. My living room is covered in my art, a good place to start.

We share some tea at the table set up with art supplies. Chocolate is provided for chewing the truffles, an option in the future will be to have them with bouillon, to distract from the flavor when chewing the truffles.

‘But I’m not creative’ – is the perfect person to participate in this workshop

There is no direction from my side for what to start painting. I put out some blank postcards as well, that we could decorate if we wanted to. It takes about a half hour for the truffles to start working. The choice for the low dosage is to just get to the level of a slightly altered perception, this will allow us to immerse ourselves into our paintings while still being able to hold a brush and paint without issue. After a while, the abstract blue lines seem to form a river, and vague shapes become a figure holding all other shapes on paper together, under a skyline of the universe. 

After putting on a song on YouTube, we let YouTube surprise us in its autoplay, which leads to funny and beautiful music, such as Plantasia.

We take inspiration from each other, which turns hilarious sometimes, because aren’t those round balls she painted planets in space? We figure out, again, that painting faces while on truffles can result in creepy figures FAST! But it’s never too late to paint on some make-up and jewellery on the figure and turn it all around to a friendly green giant. On another paper a cat with wings emerges, next to a dream home with a tree. When tired of what we are currently painting, we grab a new piece of paper and come back later to the previous painting.

After a few hours of painting we go outside to take a walk during the winter sunset, around to the playground and the park nearby. One participant notices the architecture particularly well, which she had never before, while we all rejoice in the plentiful cats sitting in windows of homes in the neighbourhood, and the pink colors of the sunset delight us as we see it reflected in the glass of the windows. 

A walk is always an excellent part of a painting truffle session we find out, and so I decide I’ll keep it in for future sessions. We return to the house and continue painting some more, we already have numerous works we are proud of. After some more painting we order some delicious Thai food, sip on a glass of wine, and we are simmering down after a successful day experiencing the joy of creative expression through painting and friendly giddiness.

In Conclusion

The first ever creative journey while painting with truffles with Reinilde was a success according to all participants. The joy in painting was felt by all, we concentrated and immersed ourselves into playful creativity. Participants were proud of their results and were excited to share them with friends, and above all, wanted to return to a new session of painting with truffles SOON!

Interested in joining a Painting with Truffles Creative Journey with Reinilde? The first sessions will be held at a cost-only price, for more information contact

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