Do You Know these Remarkable Podcasts by Womxn?

With no traditional gatekeepers, the podcast medium has opened up many opportunities for womxn. What are some fun podcasts? And how to avoid dropping your phone into the toilet when listening?

Are you on the Podcast bandwagon yet? Once you’re on, you won’t even understand the person your used to be. Listen to podcasts either through a podcast app on a mobile phone, or using Spotify or iTunes on a computer. 

Though preferably I like to walk around with earphones in around the house, from making a cup of tea to painting and back to the kitchen to do some dishes. People don’t drop your phone in the toilet bowl! It won’t be my fault.

Podcasts exist around anyone’s preferred subject, whether it’s economics, popular psychology or dating and heartbreak. Check out the following podcasts by womxn or featuring womxn. Links to favorite episodes are provided so you can start listening right away.

Why Won’t You Date Me?

Comedian Nicole Byer is single and talking about it ever since December 2017. In the first episodes of her podcasts there are guests that she dated in a distant past and asks them why they aren’t dating anymore. Talking dating apps, love, sex and relationships and comedy, hilarious mishaps at the end of the episode she asks each guest ‘would you date me?’. 

Favorite episode: Dating someone with Commitment Issues (with comedian Fortune Feimster):

Healthcare (w/ Langston Kerman) Why Won't You Date Me? with Nicole Byer

Actor and comedian Langston Kerman (Insecure, The Boys) joins Nicole to discuss her recent broken ankle and awkward brush with healthcare. He also shares the perks of dating long distance, how to attract chucklefuckers, and how he used the '36 Questions That Lead to Love' to open up to his wife.Support Black Lives Matter. For a list of resources and ways to help, check out Nicole Byer:Twitter: @nicolebyerInstagram: @nicolebyerFacebook: Merch: Nicole's book:
  1. Healthcare (w/ Langston Kerman)
  2. Serving the Full Fantasy (w/ Creme Fatale)
  3. Grown-Up Breakup (w/ Lucy Stoole)
  4. Fresh Heartbreak (w/ Priyanka)
  5. Trash TV (w/ Patti Harrison)

Terrible, Thanks for Asking

If when answering the question ‘how are you?’ you have ever had a sinking feeling, you might welcome this podcast answers that questions every each with ‘terrible’. Each episode features one person talking about their trials tribulations.

On social media there also seems to be something of a taboo on sharing going through hard times, but it can be helpful to share sometimes so that we don’t feel like we have to market our own lives as some dreamy fantasy. Nora McInerny is the host of “Terrible Thanks for Asking” and while the subjects may be heavy, she saves room for a touch of humor and lightness.

You can also sign up to their Terrible Writing Club.

Favorite episode: 9 Things:

What's Negative About Positivity? Terrible, Thanks For Asking

Good vibes only? Not on this podcast, and not when Susan David is in the room. For years, Susan has been leading the conversation about the value of *all our feelings* and how no emotion is bad or good. Here is the antidote to Toxic Positivity.This year, we’re bringing our Happyish Holidays episode to you in a new way…a live video stream brought to you by our sponsor Shutterfly. RSVP at HappyishHolidays.comOur twice-monthly newsletter features behind-the-scenes content, previews of upcoming episodes and more. Sign up.When you shop our store, you support the author, independent bookstores AND our show! Shop here.Shop for your favorite TTFA gear at TTFAmerch.comRead the transcript for this episode here. You can catch up with TTFA on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using @ttfapodcast. Nora's Instagram is @noraborealis.TTFA is public media. Which means we are supported by you. You can join us with a contribution at to to RSVP to the livestream event! And check out our sponsors this week:Shutterfly: shutterfly.comHelp A Human Out: helpahumanout.coStill Kickin’:
  1. What's Negative About Positivity?
  2. Happyish Holidays 2020
  3. Sanctuary
  4. Rebecca Black is Back
  5. Deep Dive w/ Kate Kennedy

V Single

Another very funny podcast from LA about the perils of modern dating, Alexandra Tweten (@ByeFelipe) and comic Alison Stevenson ‘first met when a f**ckboy they both dated put them in a group chat together. So, naturally, they started a podcast about it.’ One of those podcasts where you become buddies over radio waves. Alison Stevenson is also part of fat stripping

Favorite episode: Ranch dressing (and the beforemath of that episode):

Danielle Perez and Madison Shepard of Wow Rude Podcast V Single

Stand-up comedians, "professional fats," and best friends of over fifteen years Danielle and Madison join us to talk about their new podcast, Wow Rude ( ) ! They talk about pop culture, current events, and social media drama. Follow their show on Instagram ( ) and Twitter ( ) at @WowRudePod, and listen to it wherever ( ) podcasts ( ) are streamed. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
  1. Danielle Perez and Madison Shepard of Wow Rude Podcast
  2. Catching up, Meditation, and Alison's Audiobook
  3. Trump, Narcissism, and Relationships with psychotherapist Ken Page
  4. Comedian Nick Nemeroff
  5. Musician Meg Toohey

BITCH media: Backtalk & Popaganda

From the feminist magazine about pop culture come two podcasts under the umbrella Bitch media: Backtalk and Popaganda. Listen for a critical eye on goings-on and pop-culture phenomena as well as favorite feminist-approved media. 

Sounds interesting: Recasting a Disney princess:

Very Loose Women

A group of friends in their 20s in London started this podcast, and now the hosts are in their 30s, and there’s even an episode about that and quarter life crises.

Starting out as daring private casual group chats made public, later they added special guests on the show; artists, academics, activists, comedians, journalists, and friends.

In the beginning of each episode they each share a funny and relatable gripe or a mini-celebration. You feel like you are their friend and my favorite topics are when they are talking about their own lives. In 2020 they are still going strong. 

Favorite episode: Interactive Show part 1-3, Valentine’s day, What is a date, Worst dates:

14 Years of Very Loose Women Very Loose Women

Very Loose Women started on student radio in 2006. In 2013 it started on Resonance and has since had a growing number of participant producers and has experimented with format too. The original 4 presenters, as well as three of the current producers, share their thoughts on what the show is and has been. Show idea by Anna Rose. Edit and music by Leo.We are so proud of what we've created and thankful to ResonanceFM for welcoming us into their space. We will still be podcasting though more sporadically. Follow us on Twitter @VLWRadio, Instagram VLWRadio and on  See for privacy and opt-out information.
  1. 14 Years of Very Loose Women
  2. Coronadiary: Still Ill
  3. In The Time of Foxes, with Jo Lennan
  4. Anti-Psychiatry, with Danielle King
  5. Crushes

Afford Anything

‘You can afford anything, but not everything, what’s it gonna be?’ Improve your finances and life with this podcast by Paula Plant. 

Favorite episode: 26 easy moves to improve your finances in 2020:

PSA Thursday: To Buy or Not to Buy? Afford Anything

Many people in the personal finance / FIRE community have a complicated relationship with the concept of consumer spending. They may see family, friends and neighbors demonstrate one extreme — they’re profligate spenders who will buy anything — and, in an effort to be nothing like them, they may overcompensate by becoming extreme penny-pinchers. (I see this often at the start of a person’s FIRE journey, when the pendulum is swinging sharply in the other direction). The reality is that neither extreme is healthy. There’s a middle ground between being so gullible that you’ll buy anything vs. being so cynical that you build a wall that shuts real value out of your life and hampers your growth. In recognition of that balanced middle path, today’s PSA Thursday episode focuses on five questions that you should ask yourself before making a purchase. #1: Do I have high-interest debt or an inadequate emergency fund? #2: Is this a purchase or an investment? #3: How long have I been thinking about this? #4: Is this only serving an emotional need, or does it also have greater utility? #5: The five “ity’s” — longevity, durability, applicability, versatility, utility. We elaborate on these five points in today’s PSA Thursday episode. Enjoy! For more information, visit the show notes at
  1. PSA Thursday: To Buy or Not to Buy?
  2. Put Yourself on the Hook, with Seth Godin
  3. PSA Thursday: How to Slash Your Food Budget, with Rosemary Fotheringham
  4. Ask Paula: How Long Will It Take Me to Become a Millionaire?
  5. Ask Paula: How Can I Pay for Grad School?

My Dad Wrote a Porno

With this podcast I have had to suppress my laughter while on public transport, because it is THAT hilarious.

My Dad Wrote a Porno is a British podcast hosted by Jamie Morton, James Cooper, and Alice Levine. Each episode features Morton reading a new chapter of an amateur erotic novel, titled Belinda Blinked, written by his father under the pen name Rocky Flintstone.

Rocky Flintstone doesn’t seem to understand basic anatomy which makes it all the more funny and quite the opposite of sexy. The My dad wrote a porno podcast has risen to such fame that Flintstone’s books are suddenly bestsellers and special guests such as Elijah Wood have been on.

Tip: Start from the very beginning:

My Dad Wrote A Christmas Porno 4 My Dad Wrote A Porno

Belinda spends Xmas with Bella's family and gets to know one member particularly well… Come see us on tour on our 2020 World Tour. Tickets available at  See for privacy and opt-out information.
  1. My Dad Wrote A Christmas Porno 4
  2. S5E13 – 'Fight or Flight'
  3. Footnotes: Finale Predictions
  4. S5E12 – 'Two Clits In The Clink'
  5. Footnotes: Your Sex Stories

Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations and The Oprah Winfrey Show: The Podcast

The talent and skill that Oprah has in talking to people will never get old. Listen to old TV episodes on The Oprah Winfrey Show: The Podcast.

With Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations, get your spiritual on and life quality improved featuring different guests. Get inspired by Suze Orman’s episode talking about how the time has never been more right for women to take control of their finances. 

Favorite episodes: Brené Brown:, RuPaul Charles

How’s Work with Esther Perel

Belgian psychotherapist Esther Perel already has a hit podcast called Where Should We Begin? in which couples were recorded undergoing one relationship therapy session with her and we could guess if the couples were going to work it out or not.

Then she had a new podcast ‘How’s Work’ about the ‘world of emotion at the workplace’, with couples counseling but for pairs of colleagues in the workplace.

Listen to How’s Work:

Aside from listening to her enthralling voice there also books that can be read of Esther Perel such as The State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity.

Check out Esther Perel’s new podcast about couples in times of Corona:

They've been on and off for almost 20 years. While she takes cares of his and their child, she wants to know that he's also there for her. He's been battling depression for years. And the shame that comes with it.
  1. On Again/Off Again
  2. Trapped in Their Own Story
  3. Burdens of the Family
  4. He Loves Her, His Family Rejects Her
  5. When I'm Manic I Cheat

WTF with Marc Maron – Amazing Femxle Guests

The token bro for this list, comedian Marc Maron has interviewed well over a 1000 guests on his podcast, among which many women from comedy, writing, music, TV and film. A unique chance to get to know womxn you may have never heard and how they practice their craft.

Favorite episodes: Maria Bamford, Lucinda Williams

Sadly Marc’s partner Lynn Shelton has passed away. She was a filmmaker, writer, director and producer. She directed TV shows such as GLOW but also created her own films with her own vision like Touchy Feely and Humpday.

Remembering Lynn Shelton episode:

Episode 1180 – John Densmore WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

John Densmore was the drummer for one of the most influential bands of the ‘60s, The Doors, but he’s always been on a quest to find truth through art and creativity. John explains to Marc that his love of jazz inspired a lot of the rock and roll he made and his latest book is an attempt to discover the inspirations of other artists. They also talk about how the drug scene spelled the end of the good times in 1960s Los Angeles, why he went to the mat against his bandmates over licensing The Doors music for commercials, and what Jim Morrison is like these days when he appears in John’s dreams. See for privacy information.
  1. Episode 1180 – John Densmore
  2. Episode 1179 – James Caan
  3. Episode 1178 – Mike Campbell
  4. Episode 1177 – Johnny Flynn
  5. Episode 1176 – Michael J. Fox

In Conclusion

The world of podcasts has opened up a new arena for womxn to produce media in. Sometimes these podcasts function as career launchers, as have said Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams about their extremely funny podcast 2 Dope Queens, they have had episodes on HBO as well.

While I have featured tune-in audio links to al the podcasts here, use the Podcast app if you own an iPhone or if you have another type of smartphone download an app such as Podcast Addict to listen. I promise you, the listening experience will be SO MUCH BETTER.

The sad nature of podcasts is that sometimes episodes stop coming. Check out these discontinued podcasts if you haven’t yet: Sooo Many White Guys, 2 Dope Queens, Bye Felipe, Another Round

Here’s a random assumption, you must already know: The Moth, My Favorite Murder, Unladylike

Podcast making is a lot of work, consider donating to your favourite podcasts so we may all keep listening.

And remember, don’t take your phone into the bathroom! That, my friends, is how you prevent it from falling into the toilet. You’re welcome.

What are your favorite womxn podcasts?

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